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Kockums - 32/19 B-Double P-Tanker Set

$86,350 inc. GST pre-owned
Kockums 32/19m³
Kockums - 32/19 B-Double P-Tanker Set


1989 Kockums 32/19m3  tri/tandem 23m B-double tank combination suit cement
Spring suspension
Spider hubs
Price includes TSA roadworthy inspection
Price includes Current AS3788 inspection and certification

Price $78,500 plus GST per B-Double set

Both trailers have internal aeration cloth fitted, excellent cleanout ability
DOM – 6/89
Pressure Vessel Design pressure 165kPa

“A” Trailer

  • 32m3 capacity
  • 4 x cone
  • 2 x butterfly valves – front cones
  • 2 x pinch valves – rear cones
  • 2 x Boost nozzles
  • 50mm King Pin and Turntable

“B” Trailer

  • 19m3 capacity
  • 2 x cone
  • 2 x pinch valves
  • 2 x Boost nozzles
  • 50mm King Pin
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Technical Specifications