Heavy Duty Tri-Axle Water Tanker 25kL

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Heavy Duty Tri-Axle Water Tanker 25kL
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Fully equipped 25,000 Steel Water Tankers, perfect for various applications including mining and roadworks.

Jamieson water tankers are an industry leader when it comes to durability and price.

Includes 24 month warranty. Australia-wide delivery available.


  • Low profile tanker design incorporating full length longitudinal
  • Elliptical section 2.19m wide x 1.59m high
  • Tank barrel 9.5m long
  • All steel construction, 5mm barrel plate, tank ends dished and flanged
  • Five (5) transverse baffles, with doubler plates (dished and flanged with cleaning rings) access ways
  • Longitudinal baffles fitted

Tank Equipment

  • Internal splash panel at fill point
  • Suitable Handrails will be supplied and fitted to front of tank
  • One (1) 4’ Rear pressure discharge)
  • One (1) 6’  Rear gravity discharge
  • One (1) 4’ suit pond fill at rear of tank
  • One 40mm sight tube at driver’s side of tank
  • One 40m sight tube at rear of tank 300mm from floor
  • 4m hose tray with HEAVY DUTY mesh base, kerb side of tank
  • Dribble bar at rear of trailer fitted with left and right hand spray heads gravity feed
  • 6” gravity discharge in front of tri axle group to be capped
  • One (1) 1″ ball valve on the suction pipe and discharge pipe with 1″ cam locks fitted and 2m of suction hose suit your requirements

Trailer Equipment

  • One (1) York Tec Air 2 tri-axle Air Bag suspension
  • Three (3) York axle 10 on 285 PCD hubs fitted with 10 x 285 PCD Disc brakes
  • Qty (13) 11.00R22.5 x 16ply tubeless tyres and alloy wheels
  • Yellow wheel nut indicators
  • Westinghouse brake control kit fitted with EBS, ABS and yard release facility
  • WABCO smart board and plug
  • WABCO Tailgaurd kit
  • HD Oscillating skid plate with 50mm bottom access Road Train Rated king pin and teflon bushes
  • Jost two speed, wind down landing legs with sand pads fitted
  • Dual underslung swinging spare wheel carrier heavy duty rubber mudguards
  • Mudflaps
  • Rubber stone guard forward of front axle
  • “Do Not Overtake” signs
  • Hubometer will be fitted
  • One (1) tool box
  • Rear 6’ butterfly valve to be operate from switch in box at rear and in-cab


  • Hella LED tail lights
  • Hella led side lights
  • Two (2) led work  light at rear
  • One (1) Led beacon fitted to rear of trailer
  • LED work lights fitted half way down the tank
  • All work lights to be able to be turned on from truck (pin 5)


  • Exterior of tank grit blasted, primed and painted in 2-pac paint white
  • Internals of tank grit blasted and coated with Interline 910 bore-water resistant paint or equivalent
  • Front ladder to be painted safety yellow
  • All pipe work to be painted white and hose tray


  • 4” hydraulic driven GMP Trash Pump part number: B4XR-A/ST  fitted with cross hydraulic motor
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