DROP DECK Semi-trailer with Bi-fold Hydraulic Ramps and AIR suspension 13.7m (45’) long

13.7m x m / 45' x '


Drop Deck 45’ – Bi-fold Rear Hydraulic Ramps – Front Ramps – Road Train – Semi – Tri Axle Trailer
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DROP DECK Semi-trailer with Bi-fold Self Powered Hydraulic Controlled Ramps and AIR suspension
13.7m (45’) long x 2.5m wide x 30,000kg capacity (UDL) Triaxle

  • Trailer axles with 10 stud x 285PCD axle hubs and 8.25 x 22.5 tubeless steel wheels (Optional Aluminium)
  • Bi-fold Rear Hydraulic Ramps [25-tonne mass load]125x50x5mm pressed channel high tensile frame cross members at 500mm Centres
  • 125 RSJ trailer side coamings, raised the 27mm floor with 20mm SHS in-fill between coaming and floor plate.
  • Heavy-duty triaxle AIR suspension ( 9’1” extreme axle centres)
  • Westinghouse EBS road train trailer brake control kit.
  • 8.25×22.5 tubeless wheels with GTI tyres
  • Ring Feder trailer coupling
  • Hella LED Trailer lighting
  • 90mm bottom access kingpin
  • Jost landing legs
  • Front “demountable headboard” comprising two intermediate sockets positioned across and welded to the front of the trailer frame
  • Chain tie-downs (anchor point) spaced full length of trailers
  • Additional floor stringer 2400mm long at the rear side of the trailer under floor plate (both sides of trailer adjacent coaming).
  • Painted grey chassis and deck. Grit blasted, prime painted and finish painted with two-pack paint.
  • High tensile steel low profile fabricated I-beam longitudinal
  • 4mm checker plate floor
  • Removable heavy-duty skid plate
  • 25mm NB Diameter pipe full-length tie rails
  • 200 x 75 RRSC Road Train tow coupling mounting with 100x 50 RSC diagonal braces
  • Steel weatherproof toolbox
  • 20-litre plastic water tank.
  • Dual spare wheel carrier
  • Rubber stone guard forward of landing legs x 150mm above ground.
  • Electrical cable conduit according to Hazardous Goods requirements
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