53m3 Tri-Axle Pneumatic Tanker Semi-Trailer - Steel


53m3 Tri-Axle Pneumatic Tanker Semi-Trailer – Steel
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Capacity: 53 Cubic Metres
Compartments: Qty (4)
Tanker wheelbase: 8835mm nominal
Skid Plate Height: 1250mm
Overall Height: 3980mm Laden & Unladen
Approx mass: 8300kg


All steel, continuously welded to AS1210 – Unfired Pressure
Vessel Code.
HU300 Steel Plate material throughout.


Four (4) Discharge Cones with product discharge exiting side of bottom of cone

Seven  (7) Solimar Pt # S3906  460mm diameter access/fill hatches

One (1) Rear Access Ladder

One (1) internal aluminium ladder assembly (loose)

One (1) 100mm stainless steel product discharge pipe commencing at base of  each cone with in line Butterfly product control valve branching into full length straight product discharge pipe terminating at rear  of vehicle

One (1) 80mm compressed stainless steel air manifold with manifold air connection located at  front of tank

Stainless steel air and product manifold on drivers side of tanker

Polished pressed stainless steel rear panel


One (1) Set of four Solimar product aerators with one (1) 40mm ball type control valve and in line check valve at the base of each discharge cone.

Four (4) Food grade butterfly type discharge product control valves  with easy unrestricted access to valve control handle.

One (1) Sureseal Tank air Pressure Relief Valve (1100 cfm capacity)

One (1) Liquid Filled Tank Air Pressure Gauge

One (1) 100mm Camlock product discharge hose connection at rear of vehicle

Two (2) 4.2 metre long Hose Tube at RHS of tank with qty (2) product hoses suit Feed

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