Remote Control Tri-Axle Semi Water Tanker 28kL

10.6m x 2.5m / 34.7' x 8.2' / 28m³


Remote Control Tri-Axle Semi Water Tanker 28kL
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Budget Water Tanker 28kL

The Budget Water Tanker can be towed by any vehicle and transport potable water of a volume of 28,000 litres and has a maximum length of 10.6m, allowing it to be towed behind any prime mover.

SRT – Static Roll Threshold Compliant
SRT reflects the stability of the vehicle during steady speed cornering and is the lateral acceleration required to cause all the wheels on one side of the vehicle to lift off the ground. Jamieson BUDGET Tanker has complied within these guidelines and provides a high level of stability.

Water Tank – Low centre of gravity, baffled tank design, continuous seam welded application.
Capacity – 28,000 litres
Barrel Size – 9.5m long / Elliptical section – 2.19m wide x 1.59m high
Barrel Section – 5mm plate Q345 grade high tensile steel
Dished and flanged end sections – 5mm plate Q345 grade high tensile steel
Elliptical baffles – Five (5) 5mm Q345 grade high tensile steel with dished and flanged baffles with access way
Longitudinal baffles – Five (5) 3mm galvanized steel
Tank internal access – Five (5) access inspection covers on the top of the tanker
Fill funnel – One (1) 5mm 1100 diameter, suit gantry fill with inspection window
Site tubes – Front drivers side and rear tubes

Plumbing – SA Water fill compliant to AS/NZS 3500.1 National Plumbing Standard.
Remote control operation – Pumping can be remotely operated from anywhere around the trailer and from in the vehicle
Overfill – Adjustable pneumatic brake interlocked controlled
Central discharge and fill provision – Gravity discharge and or pressure fill, can be adaptable to left and right of vehicle (Optional)
Rear discharge and fill provision – Gravity or pump discharge, and pump fill
LHS and RHS gravity dribble bar – Galvanized, manual selection, air operated shut off
Batter sprays – LHS and RHS
Central fan spray head – Shut-off/selection/manual control, air operated from in cabin
Overfill – Pneumatic operation with park brake interlock

Pump –
Yanmar 7hp diesel water pump 3” electric start
Remote control pneumatic operation
Recirculation function
Pressure and suction clean up hose 1.5”
Tank outlets 6”
Plumbing pipework 3”

Water Tank Functions
The water tank total capacity is a 28kL made from 5mm high tensile Q345 steel measuring 9.55m long. The tank is mounted to an I-Beam chassis and painted 2Pac white. The water tank facilitates the transportation of potable water, all fittings (including hoses) meeting the appropriate standards for carting of potable water (AS/NZS 4020 “Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water”).
The tanks configuration allows for pressure and gravity draining at the rear, allowing the connection of camlock fittings.
The tank has sufficient internal baffling to minimize water movement optimize stability during transit and fitted with longitudinal baffles.

The tank is fitted with an overflow outlet, plumbing and valve to the forward section of the tank. The purpose of this overflow is to set the water height for road use so that the vehicles road axles limits are not exceeded, the valve can then be closed to increase capacity for private land use. The height of the overflow will be determined during the build after the trailer is weighed to determine laden mass.

Fill Sight Hoses – Quantity & Locations
One (1) 40mm sight hose is fitted to the rear of the tank
One (1) 40mm sight hose to the driver’s side to the front of the tank

Chassis – I-Beam > 6mm web with – 12mm to 10mm top and bottom flange
Suspension – ADR compliant TMC spring suspension combination
Axels – Three (3) TMC axles – parallel bearings – 10×285 – 1850 Track
Brakes – Drum brakes, EBS brake control kit fitted with yard release facility, Wabco smartboard
Rims –Qty (12) steel 10 on 285 PCD steel rims
Tyres – Qty (12) 11.00R22.5 x 16ply tubeless tyres rated to 100km steel wheels
Spare wheel – Dual underslung swing spare wheel carrier
Wheel nuts – Fitted with visual safety indicators, yellow in colour
Hubometer – One (1) fitted to the LHS centre axel
Yard brake – Release is fitted to the front right of the chassis
Road train – Pipework and coupling provisions, front and rear

Overall trailer size
Length – 10,606mm
Height – 3569mm
Width – 2500mm

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